Just a little mid-week treat for you all — this lovely woollen throw sold by The National Trust caught my eye. They feature it in on the front cover of their shop catalogue, draped in orderly fashion next to a rather louche gold blanket:

Why should the walls have all the fun/ Bronte by Moon Ochre Block Check Throw, exclusively made for National Trust

“C’mon, don’t be so square.” Gold louche fails to ruffle his neighbour/ Bronte by Moon’s Ochre Block Check Throw, made exclusively for National Trust

The autumnal golds and greys presented in neat squares are reminiscent of those rows of sample paints you daub onto the wall when you’re searching for that elusive shade for the living room. Only far more scientific.

A study in ochre

A study in ochre

Yellow has been popping up as a great accent colour recently, particularly to relieve the literal grey of so many of our interiors, bringing life and character to sombre room-scapes. That yellow is mainly of the canary or lemon variety, and doesn’t like blending in.

"Me! Me! Look at Me!" Yellow didn't like blending in/ lovely grey and yellow bedroom featured on The Hills Blog

“Me! Me! Look at Me!” Yellow was always trying to get noticed… Lovely  bedroom featured on The Hills Blog

Yep, yellow is great for loud and blowsy springtime and summer. Ochre, on the other hand, is just what you need when autumn arrives, and your decor is tired of all that bright and cheerful attention-seeking.

And so, this fine blanket. The greys, browns and muted ambers fit naturally with many a neutral scheme, and the fresh white framework running between ensures that nothing looks too sludgy or dark. Top notch production credentials (made with traditional techniques in a mill in Guiseley, Yorkshire) from soft lambswool mean that this throw is on every sofa’s wishlist.