Our cat Lotus is pretty self-assured. She has, in her short life so far, changed the feline right-of-way rules around our garden from ‘public’ to ‘keep out,’ refused to use a cat flap with the logic that humans are mainly there for door duty, and drinks from a glass not a bowl.


However she does have a weak spot. Not of course that I would hold this against her….

The Hoover.

As soon as it appears from the cupboard Lotus slinks away, in reverse in dire cases, to find some excellent Ikea storage to hide in.

So far the Factum kitchen corner unit provides much sought-after stowage for the discerning cat.


Then if the kitchen cupboard door is not obligingly left open, the Expedit shelf is feted for its depth and open-backedness. All of which are positives for the desperate fugitive.


Of course with a tough neighbourhood reputation to uphold this chat noir demands that her bête noir is not publicised. I like to think that my ‘little and infrequent’ attitude to hoovering keeps her secret safe. Anyway, that’s my excuse.